Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tomatoes, tomatoes...

We harvested so many beautiful tomatoes yesterday from our high tunnel! The plants are producing really well and the tomatoes look wonderful and taste even better. In addition, we have a large field of tomatoes from which we harvested the day before. And, in case these weren't enough, we have a newer succession of heirloom tomatoes coming in at our Augenstein field. These plants look particularly verdant and happy. We are also still harvesting perfect red tomatoes from our greenhouse, though these plants are beginning to slow down. They have been so productive! So, this is the time of year when all we talk about is... tomatoes!

We grow many different varieties of this tasty fruit: red, gold, yellow, and purple cherries, romas, traditional reds, and many different kinds of heirlooms including Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Striped German, and Green Zebra. It is a wonderful time of year to buy a variety of different types of tomatoes for a multi-colored tomato salad!

If any of you have ever picked large quantities of tomatoes, you will understand the tomato resin that accumulates on your hand. After picking tomatoes, your hand turns almost black. When you go to wash up, that resin turns a bright neon yellow/green as it mixes with water and goes down the drain. It is a little freaky!

We hope we can tempt you to indulge in our tomatoes!

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