Thursday, June 9, 2011

Berries and A New Sink!

Many exciting things happened at the farm this Thursday!

Loving the berries!
1. We are picking berries like crazy and so are our CSA members. Not only are we harvesting many pints of berries per day to fill wholesale orders and to have them at the farmers' market, we have also opened the patch to members to come and pick berries in their share. So much fun in the strawberry patch. Look for our berries at Wild Oats Co-op in Williamstown, Honest Weight Co-Op in Albany, at Mezze Restaurant, and at The Walloomsac and Dorset Farmers' Market.

2. We got a new sink in the packing shed. This may not sound very exciting, but it totally is. Now we can have double the amount of produce chilling in cold water, which preserves its freshness. Ultimately, a wonderful thing for the farm and for our customers!

Our new sink!
3.  We got rain! Our soil was looking dry and our plants were looking very thirsty. The downpour we had this afternoon gave the soil and our crops a much needed soak. We transplanted a lot of vegetables into the ground this week, so we are just so glad they finally got a drink! And it brought in some cooler and less humid air, which we appreciate immensely.


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