Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Pick Your Own Field

We plant a Pick Your Own Field for our wonderful CSA members. We have many different types of herbs, including parsley, dill and basil, peas, cherry tomatoes, flowers, and green beans all available for members to harvest themselves. Throughout the summer we allow our members to go to the field to pick their own vegetables as a part of their share.

We love planting the Pick Your Own field because it allows our members to get into the field and see what crops look like growing in the ground. They get to see the farm from the perspective of a beautiful field, feel the soil under their feet and listen to the birds that frequent that part of the farm. I have noticed that kids always get excited about harvesting vegetables and we love to get young people interested in growing food at a young age.

We like to think of the farm as a community space in many ways and the Pick Your Own field allows people to spend more time here. 

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