Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garlic Harvest

The truck full of garlic!!
We harvested all of our garlic for the year this week! Actually, we got it in in just two days, which is quite an accomplishment. We pulled 7,542 bulbs of beautiful garlic out of the ground! The varieties we grow are Music, German White and German Extra Hardy. We planted this crop last fall, just before the ground froze. During the winter it stays dormant in the soil until the ground thaws. So this garlic has been growing since the wee hours of spring. 

The garlic is now laying to dry in two of our greenhouses and in the loft of one of our barns with a big fan to promote proper air circulation. It looks beautiful! The heads are beautifully formed and huge!

Garlic hanging in the loft.
Garlic is a very important crop for us. We sell and distribute garlic to CSA members all winter. We like to think that is keeps our customers healthy in the colder months.

Our garlic is truly the most flavorful garlic you will ever taste!

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