Friday, July 1, 2011

Cultivating in the Augenstein Field

Our sweet potatoes being cultivated.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon weeding in the Augenstein fields that we lease on North Pownal Road. It is quite a trek to pack everyone in the truck along with hoes and drive several miles down the road, so we only go over when we have lots of people. Because of the distance, we plant many of our fall storage crops in these fields. We have our winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts over there as well as our later successions of beets, chard, and tomatoes.

A field of our winter squash.
We cultivated the sweet potatoes which are looking healthy! They are under a row cover so it is a bit of a task to uncover, cultivate and then recover... again it helps to have many hands! We also have been making an important pass with hoes through the winter squash. It is so nice to have a relatively weed-free field in which to harvest come fall, so we hope we can keep on top of the weeds (a challenge with a field so far away!).

Though it is a drive to get over to Augenstein's, we love the fields! The soil is beautiful and the atmosphere of the fields is very peaceful. We just thought we would share them with you...

Also, we weeded our onion and leek field (this is on the home farm) and it is looking gorgeous! That will make for a wonderful harvest and beautiful onions for all!

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