Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Blustery Spring (feels like fall) Day

Clover keeps us all going despite the cold!

It's been a blustery, wet, and cold week at Mighty Food Farm. We transplanted some Brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage) into the ground on Tuesday when it was slightly sleeting. Our fingers were definitely chilly to say the least. We felt horrible to have to put them into the ground in such cold conditions but we covered them with row cover and hoped for the best, knowing they are quite hardy. We really can't let this cold stop us!! We have just too many plants ready to get planted. We are hoping to get more vegetables in the ground tomorrow when we have some warmer, drier, and sunnier weather. Hope the weatherman is right!

Kelly transplanting tomatoes into 4" pots.

We all keep saying that it feels like fall! But we know it isn't... We are spending lots of time in the seeding room and completing other tasks which are in preparation for the season. It it were fall, days would be spent cleaning up the fields and getting them into storage. We are glad we still have the whole summer to look forward to (if it would just get here already).

Today we transplanted several varieties of tomatoes into bigger pots so they will become well-established and healthy before we nestle them into the ground. As I was handling the Brandywine variety, my mouth was nearly watering with fantasies of Caprese Salad... We also seeded salad mix, Brassicas for spring successions, 6-packs for bedding plant sales at The Farmers' Market, and lots of spinach. Yum!

Lisa testing the charge of a fence.

We are also putting up electric fences in anticipation of hungry local deer. We want to make sure that as soon as we get plants into the ground, they are protected from our four-legged friends.

Gearing up for a harvest tomorrow in preparation for our CSA Egg Days. We will be harvesting bok choi, spinach, salad mix, and some ramps from the property. We are so excited to get some green things to the people!

Hope for sun!!!

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