Friday, April 29, 2011

Look what's growing...

With the warmer weather we have been having this week, things here on the farm are growing! And that is definitely what we want. We have been weeding quite a bit because, along with the crops, weeds are growing too. So here's a look at some of the things that are getting bigger everyday...
The Walla-Walla onions are looking much bigger than when we transplanted them. In the next few days, we will be weeding in the holes of the black plastic to keep the crop itself as healthy as possible.

The cover crop on this field is growing along with the leaves on the trees in the distance. Cover crops increase the fertility of the soil of fields that are not currently planted with a vegetable crop. They are also referred to as a green manure. When we finally plant our crop in these fields, the soil is richer in many ways and, therefore, produces a higher quality and quantity of vegetables. Cover cropping is a hugely important aspect of our farming methods.

Our garlic is growing. We planted this garlic in the fall. It overwinters and comes back up during the spring to allow for a summer harvest. We always look forward to the garlic harvest. It one of the crew's favorite times of year!

 Lisa has been laying the black plastic for the beds in which we will plant next year's strawberries. We just picked up 9500 new strawberry plants (or crowns) from Nourse Nursery in Deerfield, MA. We are excited to get them into the ground, which is a long process, and to keep them healthy and weed-free this year so they will be a pleasure to pick from next year.

We (and our lovely vegetable friends) look forward to more warm, spring weather! And we love seeing the trees begin to leaf out! So beautiful.

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