Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sowing the Seed For a New Season...

And it is spring again here at Mighty Food Farm!

A beautiful newly plowed field. Nice job Lisa!
A buzz of activity surrounds the seeding room, the greenhouse and (we're very excited to say) a few of our fields as well. The harmonies of the spring peepers is the best soundtrack we could hope for. It is the lovely music of the coming of green.

We are also brainstorming and making intentions for the beginning of the season, as all farmers do with the excitement of the new season to inspire them. One of our intentions is this right here.... A NEW BLOG! Included will be pictures, updates, hopefully some funny stories, recipes and anything else y'all want. Let us know how you like it. We're excited to have you all along for the crazy ride of producing the highest quality food we can!

Leeks waiting to go into the ground.
We began putting swiss chard in the ground last Friday, after the fields dried out from all that rain at the beginning of the week. As we nestled those rainbow colored babies into the ground, we tried to give them our best encouragement. "You're brave little ones," we told them. They may be the first plants to get down and dirty in the soil early in the spring, but this week we gave them friends. We planted bok choi, komatsuna, kales, collards, spinach, lettuce, and lettuce mix. Yesterday, we began the long process of planting our onions.

Ben and Douglas on the transplanter.

Lisa and us farm crew members have been incredibly excited about planting. Not only do we all love riding the transplanter and the efficiency it lends to our planting, but we are tired of storage crops!!! (I mean we all love winter squash, potatoes, beets, etc., etc. but we all need a little variety in our lives. Too much of a good thing....) We want GREENS and fresh food and the sooner we get everything in the ground, the sooner we can all eat it!! So that's what's on our minds at the moment

This is lettuce growing in our high tunnel. It should be ready soon!

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  1. The blog is a wonderful idea......another way for us to be connected to you,the farmers, and our food.
    Next year, 3-D.... for virtual vicarious vittles!
    Thanks for being the real thing...H