Friday, May 6, 2011

A Beautiful Friday in May

Beautiful radishes.
Today was a wonderful day on the farm. We got sun and dry weather for the first time in days and the fields dried out surprisingly quickly with the breeze.

This morning we harvested for the first Bennington Farmers' Market which was a pleasure!

We also got into the field to tackle some weeds in the beet and chard field. Now we're ahead of those babies and the plants themselves should outgrow the weeds, which is just what we want. We also transplanted cabbage, cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini and parsley.

Lots of fun and smiles here on the farm. Let's hope this drier weather keeps up so we can plant, plant, plant next week!

Harvesting ramps (wild leeks) from the forest.

These are our strawberries! Lisa thinks they look super awesome!

The happy Mighty Food Farm Crew!

Cutest Lisa and Clover at the end of work.

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