Sunday, May 8, 2011

The First Market

Bedding plants loaded up in the box truck.
It was an early May morning and we were scrambling around the farm to get everything ready, obviously a little out of the weekly farmers' market routine. The first market of the season always brings excitement! But we loaded everything up, checked our lists, reveled in how beautiful everything looked and then Douglas and Lisa were on the road to the market, to sell and show off all the beautiful produce harvested the day before.

All loaded up and ready to go to town!
And things sure did look beautiful at the market! The stand was bountiful with tons of luscious spring greens. Even the carrots from last year were looking gorgeous! And all of our bedding plants were on display as well, looking for loving gardeners to take them home.

The market was lively, with many people bustling around and wonderful music serenading shoppers. The sunshine and blue skies added a very nice touch. It was a great way to begin the market season. We are excited for more!
Our storage crops still look beautiful at market.

Beautiful spring greens at market.

Peppers, eggplants, and tomato plants looking for someone to take them home.

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