Sunday, May 22, 2011

The First Week of CSA

Our wonderful spring offerings.

The first week of CSA pick-ups was a success! It was so wonderful to see everyone. Our CSA Room was packed with luscious green produce and storage crops from the fall. As I welcomed members, everyone mentioned just how glad they were to be back at the farm and enjoying the "real" and delicious food we have to offer. In the winter-time, we sure get tired of the grocery store.

Bread for sale. Yum.
Not only was the CSA Room stocked with our high-quality organic produce, we also had Krijnen Bakeriji bread, dairy products from both Berle Farm and Gammelgarden Creamer, and Kontoulis Family olives and olive oil. And we will soon be getting a freezer selling local frozen pork from a nearby farm. We like to think you can get all food groups right here at the Mighty Food Farm CSA Room. Becoming a member never sounded better! The hardest part is choosing your items...everything just looks so good.
Three generations of beautiful ladies at the farm to pick up their share.

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  1. I love the pictures and everything about the farm!!! You all work so hard. The food is sooo good and it is wonderful to go to the farm and see everything. I love that your CSA room includes food items from other local producers. You are awesome!!! Love, Mom