Saturday, May 14, 2011

CSA Begins

 CSA: community supported agriculture.

The Mighty Food Farm CSA begins this coming week: Tuesday the 17th, Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st. We are excited for a number of reasons. The biggest is to be able to feel the community aspect of our operation again. In this lag-time between seasons, we almost forget the importance of the community at large which supports us. We love having CSA members and their children coming to the farm to pickup vegetables and we love arriving at market to greet loyal and new customers with excellent food. Without your community support, we would be nothing: just dirty humans with too much food. So thank you all for being a part of this farm and keep on supporting us and we'll keep growing for you.

I spent some time organizing and cleaning the CSA room today, the site where our shareholders pick up their veggies and eggs. I was sweeping the dirt from the winter storage crops, cleaning and making room for the abundance the spring has to offer. I can just imagine the room filled with lettuce and kale and carrots or, better yet, when it is overflowing with melons in July or when the colors of the winter squash bring a festivity like nothing else. The room changes in character with every season and with the presence of every new crop. We love that and we hope you do too!

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