Thursday, May 19, 2011

Surprise Sunshine!

We are washing so much let
Today we had a wonderful surprise: sunshine. It was so nice to work in the sun and know that the fields were getting a bit of a chance to dry out. And, the best part is that we were not even expecting it.

This morning was our first large CSA harvest of the season, which is really exciting. We harvested 180 heads of lettuce alone! So our cooler is full of wonderful produce to give out to our CSA members. Tomorrow we will harvest for the Farmers' Markets. It's great to finally have a sizable harvest to look forward to and to occupy our mornings (not that we don't have tons to do...).
Planting parsley in PYO field.
We have been planting herbs in the Pick Your Own field, the one just across from the farmhouse. The soil in the field is just wonderful and we love having our herbs over there, especially for our CSA members to harvest as a part of their share.

We are also getting excited about the prospect of getting warmer crops into the ground. Though it may not feel like it is warming up considerably, the last frost date is getting nearer for sure. We already have planted some Cucurbits (cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash) and they are doing well.

Cucumbers in the ground waiting to be row covered.

We hope the surprise sunshine keeps up (but we won't expect it). 

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